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Nettle seeds for potency What are the beneficial properties of the plant and are there any contraindications for


Nettle seeds for potency: what are the beneficial properties of the plant and whether there are contraindications to receive
Let’s study what are the beneficial properties of seeds and nettle root for potency, how to prepare and take tinctures, decoctions of the plant for men.

How to take nettle seed and root for potency

The burning weed has various healing properties and is widely used in traditional medicine. A seemingly harmless plant can burn the skin, but the leaves and its seeds have a beneficial therapeutic effect. Nettle seeds are used to eliminate impotence, strengthen the hair follicles and improve the skin, reduce stomach pain.

The content of the article

  • What is contained in the seeds of nettle?
  • Useful video: about the healing properties of nettle
  • Useful properties and contraindications
  • Useful video: nettle juice
  • Pharmacy drugs
  • Home Cooking Recipes
  • Useful video: how to harvest nettle powder and its properties
  • Conclusion

What is contained in the seeds of nettle?

  • dioecious;
  • burning.

This is a perennial grass with a powerful stem and a long root. If the site does not exterminate the weed, it grows up to 1.5 meters in height. The hairs on the leaves strongly burn the skin – this is how the plant protects itself from herbivorous representatives of the fauna.

For healing purposes, use all parts of this plant – the root, leaves and seeds. Especially widely used in medicine last. These include:

  • squirrels;
  • fats;
  • carbohydrates;
  • vitamins;
  • potassium;
  • folic acid;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • silicic acid;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium.

Substances that are in the grass, stabilize the function of the genitourinary system. Nettle seed contains linolenic acid, it eliminates harmful cholesterol, normalizes blood counts, promotes the production of hormones.

Note! The seeds of the plant have a pronounced diuretic effect and rid the body of excess fluid. As a result, swelling is eliminated, the metabolism is normalized.

Fats, carbohydrates and proteins – an important component of the daily diet of any person. In weed seeds useful substances are found in large quantities. They help build muscle tissue, trigger the necessary regenerative processes in the body, improve blood circulation in the organs.

Vitamins contained in the grass, help the body to fully function. Vitamins B, K, E, C, A are present in plant materials. They have a general strengthening effect in the human uk anabolics body and are necessary for the stabilization of all functions.

Useful substances effectively cope with various diseases, increase immunity, stabilize the blood supply to internal organs. If nettle is chosen for treatment, the beneficial properties and contraindications for men should be taken into account when taking infusions.

Potassium, zinc and magnesium are present in large quantities. These macronutrients are especially important for the male body. Zinc is involved in the production of testosterone and other male hormones. It improves spermatogenesis, potency and erection. Macronutrients and useful acids improve the composition of the blood, take care of the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

The healing herb perfectly relieves fatigue after a busy day and normalizes a person’s psycho-emotional background. It stabilizes sleep, eliminates insomnia, irritability and nervous excitement.

Useful video: about the healing properties of nettle

Useful properties and contraindications

Since ancient times, the plant has been used by healers and herbalists to treat impotence and sexual disorders. If a man could not bring pleasure to his wife in bed, he felt the weakening of his masculine strength, he would go to a local healer who gave a healing broth. To improve the potency most often used nettle seed.

Need nettle for male power in bed now. As proved by numerous studies, weed oil increases the potency several times, provides a stable and long-lasting erection. Nettle seed is used in the form of teas, tinctures, decoctions. Drink decoctions and infusions required 2-3 times a day.

Nettle has the following beneficial properties for men:

  • stabilizes the transmission of nerve impulses;
  • normalizes blood circulation in the penis;
  • improves the function of the genitourinary system;
  • restores an erection;
  • eliminates infectious inflammatory processes in the prostate.

Herbal extracts are present in a large number of different medications to increase libido. Nettle for potency is the best option for safe and effective treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The component stabilizes the work of the reproductive system, increases libido, and ensures a long erection. It is also used to treat various male pathologies. The use of nettle for men is appropriate in the treatment of prostate adenoma, impotence, infertility.

There are many popular manuals that use nettle seeds for potency. The component contains biocompounds that have a beneficial effect on all urinary organs. The concentration of the hormone free testosterone, the main sexual substance that stabilizes spermatogenesis, libido and sexual function, increases.

Increased potency and erection itself occur in men when they use nettle seed and plant root by inhibiting testosterone and turning it into dihydrotestosterone. Free testosterone is released from protein compounds; it prevents the hormone from binding to globulin.

Important! Before taking a folk remedy you should consult with a doctor. The plant can increase blood clotting, therefore it is contraindicated in certain pathologies of the heart and blood vessels.

The collection of raw materials is carried out as follows: the top of the plant is cut during the period when the nettle seed has ripened. If the weather is dry and very warm, you can dry the collected seeds in the sun, otherwise it would be better to bring them to a dry state in a well-ventilated drying cabinet.

Useful video: nettle juice

Pharmacy drugs

Widely used in the treatment of various diseases:

  1. Filter primobolan cycle packs. The drug is manufactured by the domestic pharmaceutical company Krasnogorskleksredstva. In the package of 20 pieces. The package is convenient to brew with boiling water in a cup or in a thermos. It is used as a herbal tea for the treatment of various infectious and inflammatory processes. The average price of the drug is 79 rubles.
  2. Nettle seeds for potency. Manufacturer – pharmaceutical company “Ivanovo herbs.” The weight of the package is 10 g. The raw material is packed in a paper kraft package. Raw materials are used to treat male problems in the intimate sphere, as well as asthma, pleurisy. The average price of a package is 49 rubles.
  3. Seeds (50 g). The manufacturer of plant raw materials – farm company “Elite grass” (Ukraine). Used to treat prostatitis, prostate adenoma, diseases of the urinary system. Price per package 70 rubles.
  4. The drug – tablets from the leaves of grass. Manufacturer – Parapharm LLC, Russia, Penza. It is used for severe bleeding, asthma, pleurisy, prostatitis and prostate adenoma. Used to prevent diabetes. Take 2 tablets twice a day. The average price of the drug is 140 rubles.
  5. Oil extract. Producers – Camelia NPP, Russia, and Natures Wei Products Inc., USA. It is used to stop bleeding. Available in bottles of 100 ml. The average price is 120-250 rubles.

But it is necessary to carefully apply nettle seeds, medicinal properties and contraindications to each medication, it is important to take into account before starting therapy.

Home Cooking Recipes

To date, a large number of various popular recipes based on stinging grass have been preserved. In folk medicine, nettle seeds are very widely used, its medicinal properties and contraindications to their reception must be known to everyone. Most often, this vegetable raw material is used to eliminate sexual impotence.

Recipes have been preserved for centuries from generation to generation. This work helped different nations to strengthen their health and successfully cure many pathologies and disorders. What nettle is useful for men, is known to every herbalist and folk healer.

Important! Vegetable raw materials brings many benefits to women. Herbal infusions stop internal and uterine bleeding, saturate the body with beneficial vitamins and trace elements. As a result, the condition of the skin, hair, nail plates is improved.

Such means are widely used in the treatment:

  • 200 g of raw material is poured over 500 ml of Cahors. Insist 1 week. Take a tablespoon three times a day.
  • 1 tea lie raw materials poured boiling water. Insist 2-3 hours. Take on an empty stomach.
  • weed seeds, honey and red wine are taken in equal parts. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Take a tablespoon on an empty stomach.

The benefits of using the above tools are obvious. The body eliminates the inflammatory process, and the affected cells begin to recover under the influence of beneficial substances. Tissue regeneration occurs fairly quickly, however, in therapy, one should adhere to a certain duration of treatment.

It is important to take nettle seeds for a long hulk body time; medicinal properties and contraindications must always be considered before taking. You can not drink decoctions with impaired blood functions, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, because the grass increases blood clotting. The use of grass during pregnancy is also contraindicated – raw materials increase the tone of the uterus. With caution take broths with high blood pressure. Hypertension is not a reason to experiment! It is necessary to consult with a doctor before starting herbal medicine.

Useful video: how to harvest nettle powder and its properties


Acceptance of healing herbs helps to cope with many diseases and normalize body functions. When used properly, it rarely causes an allergic reaction and is generally well tolerated by humans.


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