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When a prostate massage is not secreted secret about what the symptom says and what it means if there is a lot of juice


A prostate massage does not have a secret: what does the symptom mean and what does it mean if a lot of juice is secreted
Why the prostate does not stand out during the massage or on the contrary, too much juice is secreted. What the symptom “talks” about and who to contact.

Why the prostate massage does not stand out secret

One of the most frequent questions of men – for whatever reason, prostate massage does not highlight the secret of the prostate. To understand why this happens, you can only with the help of a competent doctor. In this article we will look at why the secret of the prostate does not stand out during stimulation, whether the release of large amounts of this fluid is considered the norm.

The reasons for the lack of secretions of this secret are divided into physiological and pathological. The production of juice and its accumulation in the channels is constantly. It is about a third of the total amount of seminal fluid that is released during ejaculation. The volume of fluid produced varies with age.

Chronic oversupply or deficiency of the gland juice is the most important diagnostic criterion that helps to establish the exact cause of the male urinary system.

The content of the article

  • Why the massage does not produce juice
  • Why does the secret stand out
  • Useful video: massage the prostate gland, getting a secret
  • Norm secreted secret
  • Large amount of secret
  • Possible complications
  • Diagnostics, therapy and recommendations
  • Useful video: Dr. Konstantinov about an excess of prostate fluid
  • Conclusion

Why the massage does not produce juice

When diagnosing diseases of this organ, specialists emphasize that their treatment should be comprehensive. Therefore, it is recommended to combine medication and stimulation of the prostate gland.

Of the physiological factors due to which during the procedure no discharge is observed when stimulating the glandling organ, the following should be noted:

  • patient’s visit on the eve of a hot steam room;
  • use shortly before the procedure, a large amount of alcohol;
  • exposure to increased physical exertion;
  • recent sexual contact – after ejaculation, complete emptying of the gland may occur.

Of the pathological reasons why the secret does not stand out during prostate massage, we can single out the main ones:

  • prostatitis in severe form;
  • malfunction of the prostate gland;
  • congestion of pus at the Steroids Australia Online outlet, for which reason the fluid cannot come out.

If overlap is not a precipitating factor during juice manipulation, then a solution to the problem can be found only in stimulation.

Already after three or four sessions, there is a recovery in the functioning of the prostate gland. In more serious situations, surgery is required. Drug therapy in such cases is usually also powerless.

Important! The secretion should not be spontaneous if the patient was in a state Buy Steroids Australia of arousal.

Permanent juice secretion is a pathology that indicates inflammation.

Why does the secret stand out

Prostate massage is done by a qualified specialist only in a medical institution. In this case, residual mucus is collected in the urethra.

Seminal fluid can only be collected by rectal stimulation of this organ. Due to the fact that the procedure is quite specific, in the course of its implementation the patient is usually confused and feels uncomfortable. But it is impossible to ignore this stage of diagnosis, since it is such a study that helps to discover the true cause of the infection and inflammation of the prostate gland.

It is important that the patient clearly understands that the procedure is expedient and effective in diagnosing diseases of the urogenital system.

The procedure of primary palpation stimulation of the prostate gland is a necessary step in a comprehensive diagnosis. The material collected during the procedure not only helps to determine the bacterial etiology of the disease, but also to detect structural changes in the prostate gland.

When a secret is not secreted during prostate massage, the doctor may suspect the presence of serious diseases and give the patient a referral to an ultrasound scan.

Stimulation ends with the release of seminal fluid due to the functioning of the contractile muscles of the prostate gland, which respond to prostate massage and translational movements. The released liquid is placed in a sterile container and delivered to the laboratory, where a detailed study of the biomaterial will be conducted. By analyzing the data, the specialist will be able to establish an accurate diagnosis and determine which treatment should be prescribed to the patient.

The results of the analysis will be reliable if the patient on the eve complied with the rules of preparation for the procedure: refrained from sexual intercourse, did not have a mechanical effect on the gland, did not undergo such procedure as transrectal ultrasound.

Useful video: massage the prostate gland, getting a secret

Norm secreted secret

The volume of bioliquids removed after prostate massage depends on several factors. These include:

  • age of the patient;
  • existing pathological changes and dysfunctions of the prostate gland;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • features of the anatomical structure;
  • leading an active sex life.

. There may be insignificant changes in one direction or another. This does not mean a disease at all.

A significant increase in discharge during the stimulation of a large volume of biomaterial or a shortage of liquid produced indicates the development of various inflammatory processes.

The biomaterial obtained during the analysis is additionally examined to determine the presence of pathogenic forms of microorganisms. Such data will help determine the correct diagnosis.

When prostate juice is not secreted during prostate massage, this should alert the doctor. However, this feature is not an absolute diagnostic criterion. To identify violations will need to conduct additional surveys.

Large amount of secret

Juice production in acute inflammatory process may increase. The sap of the gland is an ideal microflora in which pathogens can multiply rapidly.

Is a large amount of juice a deviation after rectal stimulation of the prostate gland? If, after stimulation of the prostate, a lot of juice is secreted, this can indicate certain disorders. But in some situations, this symptom indicates that the lifestyle has been changed.

A large volume of produced juice can talk about the following:

  1. Formation of secret stagnation: in such a situation legal roids one can judge the presence of a “congestive prostatitis”. In this disease, there is a selection of many cheesy clumps.
  2. The gland tone is lowered: prostate secretion occurs when any mechanical or physical effect on the gland occurs. For example, when fecal masses pass through the rectum. This phenomenon is called the “prostate.” The examination of the secretory fluid shows whether or not there is an inflammatory process in the organ. The difference between this and the healthy is in its consistency and color.
  3. The instability of the patient’s sexual life: a large amount of secretory fluid flows in men who have no full-fledged sexual contact for a long time. As a result, the contents accumulate in the gland. When a mechanical impact occurs, the removal of juice to the outside.

Excretion of secretion during prostate massage

Possible complications

In certain situations, such stimulation can lead to some complications.

The list of the most frequently occurring negative effects include the following:

  • Passing problems with potency: due to the fact that the organ is influenced by a mechanical nature, sometimes masculine strength decreases significantly.
  • Discomfort, as well as pain: for some time after the massage, the patient may feel uncomfortable.
  • Exacerbation of chronic inflammatory diseases: in order to avoid the development of the inflammatory process, it is necessary to take laboratory tests to confirm that the infection is absent.
  • Violation of urination: stimulation of the gland in some cases provokes the formation of edema of the urethra. If the patient does not have any infectious diseases, then this complication disappears after a while independently without treatment.

Diagnostics, therapy and recommendations

According to statistics, today almost 50% of men in reproductive age, are faced with various inflammatory pathologies of the genitourinary system. This is due to the fact that many of them lead an insufficiently active lifestyle, practice casual sex, smoke, use alcohol and have other bad habits.

Important! To prevent the development of the disease, it is necessary to take tests regularly.

It must be said that such characteristic signs as non-secretion during the massage indicate that the disease is in an acute or chronic form. It should be noted that the latter is rather difficult to completely cure.

Useful video: Dr. Konstantinov about an excess of prostate fluid


In order not to face negative consequences, it is recommended to take the secret of the prostate for analysis at least once or twice a year. Such a study will help detect inflammation in the early stages of development, making treatment much easier.