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Diet after prostate biopsy that you need to eat and drink to restore the prostate gland


Diet after prostate biopsy: what to eat and drink to restore equipoise online the prostate gland
What should be a person’s diet after a prostate biopsy, what foods you can eat, and what should be abandoned.

Useful diet after prostate biopsy: what to eat and drink

Prostate biopsy is one of the most common procedures for the diagnosis of prostate diseases. It is carried out to determine diseases such as prostatitis, adenoma and prostate cancer. A diet after a prostate biopsy is one of the important ingredients for a quick recovery after this procedure.

The content of the article

  • Concept definition
  • Day regimen and diet
  • Prohibited Products
  • Implications for the body
  • Lifestyle
  • Useful video: The effects of prostate biopsy
  • Let’s sum up

Concept definition

The process itself involves the collection of prostate tissue for histology. This procedure helps to confirm or refute the diagnosis of prostatitis, adenoma or prostate cancer. In addition, the doctor can determine the size of existing tumors and the nature of their distribution.

The indication for biopsy is an increase in prostate-specific antigen, which is often found in the aforementioned three diseases. If, during a rectal examination, a doctor finds sizes or seals that are unnatural for the prostate gland, this may be the reason for a prostate biopsy. The presence of inflammation can also be detected with transrectal ultrasound.

Day regimen and diet

Despite the fact that this procedure is quite simple, recovery after a biopsy of the prostate gland necessarily involves compliance with the recommendations of the doctor regarding diet and bed rest.

The first time after the procedure, a man may feel pain, but it is easy to eliminate it with the help of suppositories that relieve inflammation. Such treatment should be carried out throughout the week. Suppositories, which include non-steroids, in a short time remove unpleasant pain and help to speed recovery.

Tip! The body will recover faster if you follow the advice of a doctor and take all prescribed drugs.

A man’s diet after this process must necessarily consist of products containing proteins, carbohydrates and fiber.. The latter is able to adjust the work of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby reducing problems with constipation and flatulence. The diet should be quite diverse buy steroids NZ and rich. A man will receive all the necessary vitamins and elements, even while adhering to a diet.

What can eat.

  1. Dried fruits: dried apricots, raisins, dates; prunes, raisins.
  2. Raw vegetables and fruits, greens.
  3. Vegetable puree: beetroot, potato, carrot, from Brussels and cauliflower.
  4. Legumes: beans, green peas and pea porridge, lentils.
  5. Nuts and seeds: peanuts, almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame.

Useful recommendation! Diet will only benefit, and to make it easier for a man to stick to it, the whole family can switch to proper nutrition.

Prohibited Products

Any actions that would violate the integrity of the genitourinary system, can adversely affect health. For a man to take any disease is difficult, especially when it comes to erectile dysfunction.

For every member of the stronger sex, the health of the reproductive system is of paramount importance; therefore, it is important for prostatitis to give up certain products completely.

In no case can not eat:

  • spicy meat dishes;
  • smoked, salted fish;
  • sour foods;
  • homemade preparations with vinegar and hot pepper;
  • garlic, horseradish and onion.

Implications for the body

A prostate biopsy may leave some complications after the procedure. The most common consequence is bleeding. Excretions occur along with urine, feces and even with semen. Often this fact is considered a consequence of the biopsy process and passes on its own.

It is also possible to urinate. This complication occurs only in 2 men out of 100 and, as a rule, also passes on its own. However, in some cases, you should immediately contact the specialists or call an ambulance.

This should be done if:

  • high body temperature rose and does not stray;
  • blood is present in the feces or urine for a long time;
  • if a man cannot release urine for more than 8 hours.


Rehabilitation after the biopsy process should completely eliminate all physical exertion. In no case can not run, swim, work out in the gym and walk for a long time. You should not overcool or overheat, because after the procedure, the body is still very sensitive to rapid temperature changes.

Doctors prefer to prescribe bed rest to their patients, which should be followed to avoid negative consequences.

Do not be afraid that this procedure will somehow affect the libido or leave an imprint on the erectile function. Experts say that within two weeks after the procedure, you can have a sex life that is customary for a man.

Do not forget about drinking mode. Fluid is extremely important for the normal functioning of the body.

During the recovery period after a prostate biopsy, a man should drink at least two liters of non-carbonated purified Sports nutrition water per day. At the same time, it is worth eliminating from the diet drinks that irritate the urinary system.

These include:

  • alcohol;
  • coffee and / or caffeinated tea;
  • sweet sparkling water;
  • purchased juices.

Drinks in the form of compotes and freshly squeezed juices, excluding grape, are considered useful. Also, give preference to yogurt and homemade yogurt.

Useful video: The effects of prostate biopsy

Let’s sum up

If a man is not afraid to admit to himself in his illness and promptly seek help from specialists, he will be able to solve the problem in a short time and without large monetary costs. It is very important during the period of rehabilitation after the biopsy procedure to follow the doctor’s instructions.

If this is not done, the disease begins to progress and, ultimately, leads to the formation of malignant tumors. The result of this process can be fatal, so you should consider whether you should be ashamed of your problem when it comes to your own life.