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Cream Is healthy from prostatitis


Cream Healthy for prostatitis: how to apply the ointment, what is included in its composition and how long the treatment lasts
What is part of the cream “Zdorov” wax from prostatitis, how to apply it, how many days the treatment with ointment lasts.

How to apply the cream wax Healthy from prostatitis: instructions

Most middle-aged and older men are prone to prostatitis. Statistics show that 1/3 of the total number of men is facing this problem.

A few decades ago, prostatitis appeared mainly in older men, but now people at risk are from 25 to 40 years old. To stop the disease, you need to use good drugs, such as cream Healthy for prostatitis.

The content of the article

  • Efficiency and reviews
  • Indications and therapeutic effect
  • The use of cream is healthy
  • Precautions and Contraindications
  • Current analogues and prices
  • Useful video: Cream is healthy from prostatitis
    Let’s sum up

Efficiency and reviews

In the photo on the Internet you can see what the packaging of the original drug looks like.

Cream wax from prostatitis is an effective and natural drug to eliminate the disease prostatitis.

It is unique in that it contains only natural ingredients:

  • honey
  • wax;
  • bee venom;
  • dead

These components remove edema, stimulate blood circulation in the prostate, and also contribute to the flow of auxiliary substances to it. Therefore, cream is healthy from prostatitis gives the following result:

  1. Inflammation decreases.
  2. Going to the toilet stops causing discomfort.
  3. The itch is eliminated.
  4. Capillaries become more elastic, the condition of vessels improves.
  5. There is a resorption of blood clots.
  6. Prostate tissue becomes more susceptible to other drugs.

In such a delicate matter as intimate health, the reviews of real people who used the cream Zdorov is important.

Sergey, 40 years old. I always thought that prostatitis is a disease of the elderly. When I heard the diagnosis in the doctor’s office, I did not believe it at first. He advised me not to panic, but to use the cream shop anabolic Zdorov. This is a natural remedy based on bee products. I applied it for three weeks, and the symptoms of the disease were gone.

Gennady, 51 years old. Sick of this disease for a long time. Tried many methods, prostate massage, special gymnastics. My wife heard about the drug and advised to try the cream wax healthy from prostatitis. At first, I did not feel any improvement, but after a month it became much easier for me. The cream helps me to relieve pain and improves well-being.

Important! The price of the drug is 990 rubles, this is not a big payment for improving health.

Indications and therapeutic effect

  1. The extract of propolis stimulates blood flow, resolves blood clots, tones the walls of blood vessels, removes excess fluid, eliminating edema.
  2. Bee venom activates blood flow in the capillaries. Eliminates pain and spasm.
  3. Wax (bee) contributes to tissue regeneration.
  4. Podmor This is one of the main components, the action of which relieves the inflammatory process, as well as itching and pain.
  5. Cedar resin affects blood circulation, resolves blood clots.
  6. Olive oil makes the skin soft and supple.
  7. To enhance alpha pharma metabolism, bee flame extract is used.
  8. Horse chestnut makes blood thinner, eliminates inflammation.

The drug is designed to treat the prostate gland. She is at risk of inflammation – the appearance of prostatitis.

Indications for use:

  • in the genital area itching and burning;
  • often want to go to the toilet;
  • puffiness appears;
  • discomfort during urination;
  • impotence.

The development of prostatitis may contribute to:

  • hypothermia;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • various infections;
  • overload of emotional and physical nature.

The drug is very effective for men’s health. It is important to start using it when the first warning signs of illness appear. The therapeutic effect of the application can be expressed as follows:

  • men have improved potency;
  • pain during urination is eliminated;
  • increased sexual desire;
  • night trips to the toilet are significantly reduced;
  • the gland is actively starting to make a secret;
  • inflammation goes away;
  • improves the tone of the body.

The use of cream is healthy

Many men care about how to apply the cream? There are two ways:

  1. Outdoor use.
  2. Rectal.

When used outside, the product is applied to a clean area in the area just below the navel. Spread it should be a small layer, lightly massaging and rubbing. Massage need for a few minutes. It is impossible to push.

Then it is necessary to wrap the lower part of the body with a polyethylene film, and close the lumbar section from the top with a warm scarf. The thermal effect will allow the pores of the skin to open up and absorb the drug as much as possible. The procedure is carried out several times a day.

Drug use includes a full three-week course. If a man once uses the tool, then there will be no special effect.

This is due to the concentration of nutrients. It is on an average level so that the active substances have an impact, you need the allotted time.

After completing the course, the manufacturer advises to repeat it after two months in order to avoid a relapse. For prophylactic purposes, Healthy can be applied twice a year.

If sexual intercourse is planned, then the drug is used an hour before. How much time it takes to fully cure is not determined in advance. Here it is important to consider how affected the prostate gland is, what degree of inflammation.

On average, the stated course (2-3 weeks) is enough for patients to obtain the primary effect. If prostatitis is in neglected condition, then the drug should be combined with antibacterial drugs. And it should be done at least for several months.

Precautions and Contraindications

Since the composition contains bee venom, it can have a heating effect on the skin. And this, in turn, leads to redness. 

People with sensitive fair skin should first treat a small area of ​​skin and look at the reaction of the body. When a person takes a long course, he can observe an exfoliating effect on his skin. This means that after the end of treatment, a break should be taken so that the epidermis is restored.

Important! The composition contains horse chestnut extract and olive oil, but they do not belong to allergens.

A person may have an increased sensitivity when they are bitten by insects. In this case, the patient decides for himself whether to apply the agent or not. After all, it contains bee venom.

There is such a thing as “individual intolerance.” People sometimes do not even know about it until something is tried. This manufacturer cannot predict, therefore a warning has been placed on the packaging.

There is a small percentage of people who may develop an allergic reaction to bee products.

You can not apply the cream if the body temperature exceeds 38 ° C. There is also a prohibition on taking a hot bath for several hours after applying the cream.

Current analogues and prices

For example, heparin oxandrolone tablets ointment. It copes with edema and reduces inflammation. It is inexpensive: from 40 to 80 rubles.

Venitan cream tones the walls of the veins, while having herbal ingredients in the composition. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, removes stasis of venous blood, eliminating edema. The price of the drug is about 300 rubles.

In this case, analogues can be those drugs that relieve the inflammatory process and eliminate swelling.

Useful video: Cream is healthy from prostatitis

Let’s sum up

The use of the cream can improve the work of the prostate and sexual function. Urination problems are eliminated. Inflammatory processes are taking place. Since the cream consists of natural ingredients, the result of its use can not be fast. It should be applied regularly.

It is also useful for the prevention of prostatitis. In some cases, the disease cream may not help, or will require a longer application.